The Roots of Meditative Healing™

“. . .a healer has nothing of the self but prayer. A healer is a living prayer.”
-Yogi Bhajan

Meditative Healing™ is a tool that has progressively gained consistency over centuries or even thousands of years. It stems from within a tradition of exploration and discovery initiated in the Indian subcontinent. The first expressions of it can be traced back to the Ayurvedic medicine and oral tradition reaching back as far as 5000 BC. Among rich notions about awareness, holistic health and the quest for well-being as an ongoing and integrated endeavor for every human; Ayurveda has taught harmony with the nature, the organic roots of life. It has kept the view that physical and psychological diseases are usually mixed and one seldom happens without the other.

The Yogic Tradition

The increase of insight in relation to healing and meditation gained new shapes after centuries of further inner research conducted by Indian rishis (sages) and yogis. The famous Indian philosopher Patañjali scrutinized the stages how this consciousness is reached consciously through a systematized method we know as Yoga. Within his investigation, yoga and meditation also gained a more specific character of discipline (sadhana) and achievement (siddhi). In the system of Patañjali we find a path to engage and achieve a pristine meditative experience, of which the latter also leads us all the way to the wellness of the being.

“We may cultivate the power of concentration and remove the obstacles to enlightenment which cause all sufferings … this can be overcome through meditation” -Patañjali

Guru Nanak
Guru Nanak
The Devotional Mystics

“By listening-the technology of Yoga and the secrets of the body are known” -Guru Nanak

The meditative approach to healing took a step further within the new emerging tradition that was born in the well-known period referred as the “Bhakti Movement” (India, 15th and 16th Century). During this period the flower of Meditative Healing acquired a full blossom with the notions of Oneness and Wholeness presented by the First Master of the Sikhs, Guru Nanak, as well as the principles of Compassion and the example of living in the True Identity (Sat Nam), embodied by one of his successors, the Fourth Master of the Sikh linage, Guru Ram Das. The Bhakti movement brought forward the dimensions of prayer and Grace in the quest for holistic human health.

Guru Ram das
Guru Ram das
The Modern Times

“O my Lord, the Lord’s humble servants become healthy.” -Guru Ram Das

In contemporary times the Master Yogi Bhajan, PhD, brought to the present times the experience about the key technical dimensions of the Self-Sensory System, the deep stillness of inner silence (Shunia) and the methodology for reaching an expanded awareness (Samadhi) along with the power of prayer. A very important contribution to the development of this approach was carried out by Gurudev Singh and his School of Sat Nam Rasayan® (, as well as Subagh Singh Khalsa, the author of “Anatomy of Miracles”. Altogether it is through the craft of time and the dedication of many people through centuries how we have crystallized and shared a state of healing awareness that channels the energy of Grace.

“I am just teaching a science. This is how it is and this science is not modern. Only is application is modern. The scriptures show that people were being given this knowledge 20.000 years B.C.E. This human science existed much earlier than this modern times. My old notes suggest that anyone can be cured of a disease through the meditative process and the pituitary gland“. -Yogi Bhajan

Jivan Mukta PhD. was born in Chile. He is a Lead Trainer of Kundalini Yoga and a traveling teacher, trainer and counselor. In the earlier moments of his journey he spontaneously experienced transformative events that stimulated his path to provide healing. In 2005 he was inspired by Yogi Bhajan to do this type of service “out of love”, a key ingredient of all healing work and spiritual guidance. In 2012 Jivan Mukta designed “The Meditative Healing Program™” and upgraded it in 2018 to be a “Speciality Course” with a KRI Seal of Approval. This program has already served the destinies of students of healing in over five countries in Europe in the last years. Jivan Mukta is also trained as a Political Scientist and Historian in his home country, as well as a Doctor in Study of Religions in the University of Helsinki. He has also published several articles on spirituality, yoga and healing. He is married and a father of two children and from 2011 he has been part of several projects to teach Kundalini Yoga & spiritual living for men. In 2015 he developed the education Total Man Training™ also with a KRI Seal of Approval and first launched in China and Estonia.

“The tradition and the legacy left to us is a support that provides the security that Meditative Healing™
does not depend on a person or personality, an institution or a religion, but rests on
a vaster ocean of awareness and energy.”
-Jivan Mukta