The Meditative Healing Program™

“The human experience is a journey of possibilities and Meditative Healing™ is a chance to move the
limits beyond the boundaries of conventional therapies and serve others to do so and heal.”
-Jivan Mukta

The Meditative Healing Program™ is an original and traditional approach to healing. It is based on the teachings as well as methods taught by Yogi Bhajan, PhD, the keys of ayurvedic approach and the western explorations on the deep psychology and mental health. The International Meditative Healing Program™ is a comprehensive study to immerse in the journey to activate your natural healing abilities to improve your holistic well-being and health. The students of Meditative Healing™ will learn through experience to systematically identify a few key generic states of mind that are at work at the core of all healing as well as the power of the mind’s spiritual projection and prayer. This solid alternative approach to health has provided healing and positive changes in the lives of many people… and many more need a consistent education in this field.

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This program is open to anyone, because it aims at establishing the experience of the generic state of the meditative mind used to heal. The Program is in harmony with all forms of human service, philosophical interests and belief systems. The program is accredited as a CEU course by The International Kundalini Yoga Teachers Association (IKYTA), USA.

What can the Meditative Healing Program™ give you?
  • An opportunity for self-healing.
  • The increase in understanding of human health, the professional standards of healing work, and the “touch of grace” implied in all healing.
  • The tools to learn deeper meditation and its application in healing.
  • A spiritual view and a spiritual experience of energy, mind and life, without having to belong to a belief system or particular religious commitment.
  • Meditative Healing™ can significantly enhance yoga and meditation practices.
  • A shift in the depth of the sensory experience, the refinement of perception, the neutrality to observe and a spiritual connection.
  • For yoga, or thai-chi instructors, coaches, therapists and holistic healthcare practitioners, the program makes possible to improve their work to become a stronger healing experience and to increase their healing presence.
The First Grade of the Meditative Healing Program™ is offered in four weekends course:

Weekend 1: Introduction to Healing with the Mind and Meditation.
Weekend 2: Enhancement and Awareness of Prana, life force and the effects of breathing.
Weekend 3: From concentration (Dharana) to Deep Meditation (Dhyana).
Weekend 4: Awakening the Healer & the Grace in Healing.

The Meditative Healing Program™ consists of the First, Second and Third Grades: Practitioner, Healing Practitioner and Healing Instructor. Upon the completion of each of the Grades the student receives a Diploma.

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