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The Meditative Healing Program™

“My old notes suggest that anyone can be cured of a disease through the meditative process and the pituitary gland.”  

– Yogi Bhajan

The Meditative Healing Program™ combines ancient mystical wisdom with the modern application of the meditative process. It is a deeply transformative process based on self-sensorial cognition, the stillness of our contemplative awareness and the Western on psycho-emotional approach to trauma and healing.


The Program is designed for

  • Engaging the depths of one’s self and experience a healing transformation
  • Learning to awaken the life force (prana, chi) and direct it with the meditative mind
  • Entering a healing relationship with the subconscious and unconscious levels of the human psyche
  • Discovering the unknown through a “Dream Research” of one’s symbolic world and the archetypical force of dreams
  • Learning to use a simple meditative know-how to help others in accessing their health and unlocking their healing potential

The Meditative Healing Program™ has been designed, launched and led by Jivan Mukta since 2012.  In 2018 the Program became a “Specialty Course” and was given the KRI Seal of Approval. 


The Meditative Healing Program™ gives you


  • An opportunity for self-healing.
  • The increase in understanding of human health, the professional standards of healing work, and the “touch of grace” implied in all healing.
  • The tools to learn deeper meditation and its application in healing.
  • A spiritual view and a spiritual experience of energy, mind and life, without having to belong to a belief system or particular religious commitment.
  • Meditative Healing™ can significantly enhance yoga and meditation practices.
  • A shift in the depth of the sensory experience, the refinement of perception, the neutrality to observe and a spiritual connection.
  • For yoga, or thai-chi instructors, coaches, therapists and holistic healthcare practitioners, the program makes possible to improve their work to become a stronger healing experience and to increase their healing presence.

Meditative Healing Program™ course structure


The course is divided in 8 days of studies (50 hours), plus homework, self-study and healing practices. Participation in the full course is combined with online support. The attendance to the 4 modules is essential for the learning process to be effective. The modules are:

Module 1: Introduction to Healing with the Mind and Meditation.

Module 2: Enhancement and Awareness of Prana, life force and the effects of breathing.

Module 3: From concentration (Dharana) to Deep Meditation (Dhyana) to “Dream Research”.

Module 4: Awakening the Healer & the Grace in Healing.

The Meditative Healing Program™ consists of the First, Second and Third Grades: Practitioner, Healer and Instructor. Upon the completion of each of the Grades the student receives the corresponding Diploma with a “KRI Seal of Approval”. 

“The human experience is a journey of possibilities and Meditative Healing™ is a chance to move the limits beyond the boundaries of conventional therapies and serve others to do so and heal.”
-Jivan Mukta

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