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The Roots of Meditative Healing™

“By listening-the technology of Yoga and the secrets of the body are known”

– Guru Nanak


Meditative Healing™ stems from the ancient tradition of inner exploration and discovery initiated in the Indian subcontinent. The first expressions of it can be traced back to the Ayurvedic medicine and oral tradition reaching back as far as 3000 BC. From this cultural well we have received key notions and practices to enhanced awareness, holistic health and healing wisdom. Ayurveda specifically contributes to Meditative Healing™ in recognising that the physical and psychological diseases are usually mixed and it seldom happens that one comes up without the other.

The Yogic Tradition


The increase of insight in relation to healing and meditation gained new shapes after centuries of further inner research conducted by Indian rishis (sages) and yogis. The famous Indian philosopher Patañjali scrutinized the stages how this consciousness is reached consciously through a systematized method we know as Yoga. Within his investigation, yoga and meditation also gained a more specific character of discipline (sadhana) and achievement (siddhi). In the system of Patañjali we find a path to engage and achieve a pristine meditative experience, of which the latter also leads us all the way to the wellness of the being.

“We may cultivate the power of concentration and remove the obstacles to enlightenment which cause all sufferings, this can be overcome through meditation”  – Patañjali

Indian sages (riches) and yogis took the quest for health and wellbeing closer to people. The famous Indian philosopher Patañjali establishes the foundations to the path of Yoga. In the system of Patañjali we find a methodic journey to achieve a pristine meditative experience. When this experience is developed correctly, it leads to the wellness of body, mind and spirit.


The Devotional Mystics


“O my Lord, the Lord’s humble servants become healthy.”

-Guru Ram Das

A powerful emerging tradition was born in the well-known period referred as the “Bhakti Movement” (India, 15th Century). The Bhakti Movement brought forward the dimension of devotion in the quest for holistic human health. This movement give to everyone, independent of their status, class or caste, the chance to access the gifts of spiritual development and healing. The teachings of the Gurus who transmitted the message of oneness, compassion and service empowered Meditative Healing with the gentle, yet determining touch of devotion, prayer and divine Grace.

“A healer has nothing of self than prayer, a healer is a living prayer”

– Yogi Bhajan

Roots 2
Roots 2
Roots 2

The Modern Times

“Many diseases are cured by healing thought. Your mind is very powerful – if you
gain control of your mind, you also have control of your whole body and of any disease”

– Baba Virsa Singh

A healer and saint of this linage, Baba Virsa Singh delivered a mission to go to the West and so his student, Yogi Bhajan, master of Kundalini Yoga, reached North America and taught regular people meditative ways to experience the healing process of mind and awareness.
Gurudev Singh and Ambrosio Espinoza following Yogi Bhajan, crafted the practical understanding of this meditative process in the book “Sat Nam Rasayan” and in the school of the same name. In 2005 Jivan Mukta, followed and learnt from them and in 2012 he developed his own approach in the Meditative Healing Program™ that decanted the key experience and the principle of this legacy.
He teaches and practices Meditative Healing through the three states of awareness of the meditative process leading to healing: the State of Self-Sensory Awareness (Sunié), the State of Zero (Shunia) and the State of Grace (Kirpa).

Jivan Mukta’s contribution was to bring together all meditative, psychological, devotional and emotional process into an experience through a methodic program that anyone could take and learn. The approach of Meditative Healing has already healed and empowered the life of countless people internationally. Meditative Healing™, as understood by Jivan Mukta, is a tool for modern people who are seeking a holistic support for their health. If you would like to participate in the Meditative Healing Program™ directed by Jivan Mukta or wish to have an individual session or a Distant Healing Session with him, please contact us to book a time.

Roots 2


“The tradition and the legacy left to us is a support that provides the security that Meditative Healing™ does not depend on a person or personality, an institution or a religion, but rests on a vaster ocean of awareness and healing energy ready to be accessed by those who know-how.”
 -Jivan Mukta

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