Terms of Service and Legal Privacy Policy




Based on: Personal data is used to inform and contact the registered of different activities and trainings. 

The reason and the procedure how personal data is handled: Personal data is gathered only on the basis of the consent of the customer so that Yoga Lafontaine is able to provide high quality customer service to customers interested in the events and trainings. We aim to notify our customers of our future events and trainings as widely as possible. The gathered information is name and email for marketing purposes.

Receiving parties of personal data: Yoga Lafontaine Team, which consists of the entrepreneurs and a staff that is in a work relation to the company. The register is kept in online format by the Mailchimp service provider. 

The registered have the right to receive/change personal data: The registered has the right to receive information of or change his/her personal data that is kept in the Mailchimp personal data register. The registered also has the right to change and cancel the consent at any time and then all personal data will be removed from Mailchimp register. Every newsletter has a link through which the registered can amend or remove their personal data. The registered can also contact info@yogalafontaine.com and ask for the removal or change of some or all personal data.

 Transferring the register outside EU: The register or personal data will not be transferred to outside parties from Mailchimp service provider. 

The obligation to deliver the personal data: It is not mandatory for the customer to give his or her personal data but without it we cannot inform the customer about our high quality service nor be in any contact with the customer. Yoga Lafontaine recommends registering to Mailchimp register for receiving information and communications that are part of our high quality customer service.

 Profiling: Yoga Lafontaine does not profile nor keep/create automatic continuance of any details of registered or their personal data. Yoga Lafontaine does not share personal data of registered/customer to outside parties or companies and does not base business on sharing personal data to outside companies and uses personal data only for educational purposes and everything.

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