• “We may cultivate the power of concentration and remove the obstacles to enlightenment which cause all sufferings . . . this can be overcome through meditation”


  • “O mind, there is only the One medicine, mantra and healing herb: center your consciousness firmly on the Divine One”

    – Guru Nanak

  • “I take the medicine of meditation on the Lord’s Name, which has cured all diseases and multitudes of sufferings.”
    -Guru Ram Das 

  • “. . .a healer has nothing of the self but prayer. A healer is a living prayer.”
    -Yogi Bhajan

  • “Meditative Healing is by definition a human capacity that demands a natural effort that is achieved through systematic meditation and the natural devotion that exists in every heart”

  • “The art of healing, the art of ecstasy, the art of God-consciousness has millions of names in mystic terms”
    -Yogi Bhajan.

MEDITATIVE HEALING™ is part of a profound yogic legacy that embraces the vision of our multidimensional human nature. Through its application, we connect with the roots of our health and the links to our organic healing forces. It is a useful tool for helping different health issues of people in the modern times.
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MEDITATIVE HEALING PROGRAM™ is simultaneously a modern and a traditional approach to deep health and healing. It is a meditative, theoretical and self-sensorial study based on the teachings and methods by Yogi Bhajan, the core ayurvedic teaching and the essential Western knowledge on psycho-emotional health.
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Meditative Healing™ is a space where Transformative Meditations, Deep Psychology and the elevation of Bhakti Yoga meet and heal.