This is the meeting of a transformative experience of meditation within our profound psyche
and the practical application and sentiments of Bhakti Yoga.

Meditative Healing™ is for those who love health and seek healing.

For Healing How to Learn

MEDITATIVE HEALING™ is part of a profound yogic legacy that embraces the vision of our multidimensional human nature. Through its application, we connect with the roots of our health and the links to our organic healing forces. It is a useful tool for helping different health issues of people in the modern times.

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is simultaneously a modern and a traditional approach to deep health and healing. It is a meditative, theoretical and self-sensorial study based on the wisdom and tools taught and shared by Yogi Bhajan, the core ayurvedic teaching and the essential Western knowledge on psycho-emotional health.

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In mystical terms, we say that Meditative Healing™ is the transmission of a spiritual teaching about service. It has been passed down through the 5 windows (senses) that perceive the holy realm of human experience. And thus, the miracle of energy is channeled. While all is firmly chained by a Golden Link of prayer and devotion. This is what ultimately delivers the Grace of Life, the Grace of Love and the Grace of Healing

– Jivan Mukta

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