This is the meeting of a transformative experience of meditation within our profound psyche and the healing power of life, nature and grace. Meditative Healing™ is for those who love health and seek healing.

Meditative Healing™ is a holistic and complementary healing approach which leads far beyond the known and expected. It combines profound yogic teachings with the methodic application of meditation. It reaches the unconscious to heal the roots of imbalances by harmonizing the connections of the body-mind dynamics.


is simultaneously a modern and a traditional approach to deep health and healing. It is a meditative, theoretical and self-sensorial study based on the wisdom and tools taught and shared by Yogi Bhajan, the core ayurvedic teaching and the essential Western knowledge on psycho-emotional health.

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“In mystical terms, we say that Meditative Healing™ is the transmission of health and healing forces. It has been passed down through the deep contemplation of the realm of human experience in which the phenomenon of healing energy can be channeled. Meditative Healing™ is firmly rooted in a spiritual network of prayer and deep meditation. It is the highest expression of the phenomenon of the quantum field: where the observer affects and balances the observed… This is what ultimately moves the resources of Life, the Nature and the Grace of Healing”

– Jivan Mukta

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