FAQ & Testimonials From Participants

“Healing is an ongoing process where the natural state of health of the body (or part of it), the mind and their dynamic relationship with the world is facilitated, induced, reestablished or generated.”

-Jivan Mukta

Frequently Asked Questions

  • During a session you will lay down and relax. The practitioner will assume a meditative posture and begin to meditate “on” you. Most of the time your relaxation will become very deep, reaching what we call the platform of deep relaxation. While this happens you can also feel different sensations and have different thought passing through your mind in a usual way. This is OK. After half an hour or so you will sit up again and discuss relevant issues about the healing with your practitioner.


  • Absolutely not. The meditative skills and the good will of our certified practitioners can only produce positive results. Even if sometimes and inner adjustments or energy rebalances could make you feel slight pressure, uncomfortable sensation or awkward feeling, this is normal in all processes where health or balance needs to be reestablished. A Meditative healing session will always yield benefits, never side-effects.

  • In principle it is not necessary. But if you have had a great meal, alcohol, coffee or if you have recently used legal or illegal drugs, then the best is to wait in order to avoid to be stimulated before a session. If you are under prescribed medication or if you are ill, tired or depressed, then there are no contraindications for having a session.

  • Dependent on the case the effects are different. It also varies from session to session. However, the general outcome is a relaxed inner state, metal rejuvenation and clarity, you will feel “lighter”. Some kind of pains and psychological unrest will normally get better immediately after a session.


  • There are many roads to Rome, but essentially all the alternative therapies aim to recreate the health of a person. Meditative healing is similar to other meditative approaches as it uses the meditative skills, but it differs in how the practitioners involve the spiritual assistance and the “touch of Grace” in order to accomplish a good session. Roughly speaking Reiki “channels energy”, whereas Meditative Healing “channels grace”.

  • This is as valid as in cooking, driving or dancing. In principle, everyone could learn, but the experience shows that those who especially have inclinations to serve people, to meditate and to be in “good terms” with the ‘Inner’ or ‘Higher’ Self will advance further. The Meditative Healing Program was designed to be approachable for everyone and it is a systematic education that practically anyone can go through.

  • In principle yes. From the point of view of Meditative Healing there are no contraindications, however, check the point of view of the other therapies you are thinking of.




  • “The series of Meditative Healing treatments I received during a crisis I went through some years ago was one of the truly remarkable transformational experiences of my life. The healing sessions and the work I did with myself afterwards helped me come to terms with and integrate traumatic experiences of the past and raise to a new level of understanding and acceptance of my self and my journey. Years later I’m still full of gratitude for the blessing I received in the form of Meditative Healing.” (Woman, 33, Finland)


  • “Taking part in the Meditative Healing Program opened up a new way of meditating for me. It gave me many useful tools to use both in offering healing sessions but also in my work as a Kundalini Yoga teacher.The program has been the beginning of a beautiful, peaceful and deeply
    meaningful journey towards the heart of healing.” (Siri Vedya, Finland)
  • “This program gave me more than I could have dreamt of when it comes to finding myself and God! It helped me in my own healing progress and gave me a deep insight in doing healing work.”
    (Sara 44, Stockholm)


  • “Un curso sanador para quien lo realiza, de contenidos asequibles pero de una gran profundidad espiritual. Un viaje a través de la conciencia. Hay un antes y un después en mi interior. Jivan Mukta es una persona sencilla y directa, que te acoge con dulzura y sentido del humor. Su manera de impartir los contenidos toca tu mente y tu espíritu” (ConxaDeviKirin Kaur, Barcelona)

  • “Para mi este contacto con enseñanzas de kundalini ha sido una gran experiencia, era la primera vez. Es una formación realmente transformadora del ser, me ha ayudado a sentir la conexión del corazón para poder ir más allá. El Maestro, Jivan Mukta, lo siento como un ser de gran realización. Con gran Maestría me ha conducido a conocer algo más del proceso mental, enseñando de forma práctica cómo liberar patrones y afrontar temas ocultos de nuestro inconsciente. Tiene una gran capacidad de enseñar la Verdad de forma muy simple, directa y sin faltar nada. Y una presencia auténtica.Ha sido una experiencia que ha cambiado mi forma de meditar y me ha dado herramientas para poder avanzar en el compromiso de ayuda a los demás.El programa del curso ha estado muy bien estructurado, con meditaciones apropiadas para ir profundizando en la mente, con material escrito muy claro y con vídeos de tareas para realizar entre los encuentros. Todo ello me ha hecho sentir acompañada y cuidada en el trabajo del curso.Lo recomiendo al cien por cien. Estoy muy muy agradecida por haberlo podido recibir, un regalo del cielo!” (Irene, Barcelona)

    “For me the contact with teachings of kundalini has been a great experience – it was the first time. It is a truly transformative training for the Self that has helped me to feel the connection to the heart to go further. The Master Jivan Mukta feels like a being of great accomplishment. With great skill he has led me to know more of the mental process, teaching in a practical way how to unlock hidden patterns and face our unconscious issues. It has a great ability to teach the truth very simple, direct and without missing anything. And he has an authentic presence. It has been an experience that has changed my way of meditating and given me tools to advance the commitment for helping others. The course program has been very well structured, with appropriate meditations to go deeper into the mind, with clear written materials and videos homework for in-betweenweekend courses. All this has made me feel accompanied and cared for through the course. I recommend it one hundred percent. I am very grateful for having been able to receive a gift from heaven!”


  • “El realizar la formación de Sanación Meditativa ha despertado mi interés y curiosidad más profundos por seguir indagando y aprendiendo sobre este tema.Ha sido el primer paso para entenderme y entender los mensajes que mi intuición me ha estado transmitiendo durante tantos años. Es una experiencia increíble! Quiero volver a repetir la formación y seguir profundizando.Siento que es una herramienta maravillosa con la que puedo, ayudarme a mi misma y ayudar a mucha gente.La recomiendo a todo el mundo interesado en sanarse!” (LilawantiKhatnani, Directora de Shunia Yoga Granollers Centre, España)

  • “Jivan Mukta es un maestro con mayúsculas. Posee un profundo conocimiento teórico y experiencial de lo que enseña, capacidad de transmitir lo que sabe con claridad, altas dosis de humildad y bondad y un indudable don para la sanción. Fue una experiencia muy luminosa para mi. Aprendí a meditar con mayor profundidad y me abrió un camino por el que transitar de aquí en adelante. Le estoy infinitamente agradecida. Sat Nam” (Paula, Argentina)

    “Jivan Muktais a master with a capita “M”. He has a deep theoretical and experiential knowledge of what is taught, ability to transmit what he knows with clarity, high doses of humility and kindness and an undeniable gift for healing. It was an enlightening experience for me. I learned to meditate more deeply and opened a path through which transit hereafter. I am infinitelygrateful. Sat Nam”

  • “Through this program there has been a path Opened towards greater depth of Self-knowledge, acceptance and mercy. It has provided me with fuller meaning of Surrender and true grace, as well as clear and Sufficient Conceptual Understanding of the processes related to healing, disease, meditation and prayer. Through this program a graceful way of Service and a very practical way of devotion towards God and of love towards “my neighbour” has been pointed Out to me”. (Risto 32, Finland)

  • “I have found a state where I feel love in me, my mind is at peace and my body is relaxed. Meditative Healing has given me drastic help to find this State. I also have now more tools to stay in this State longer and not Only during meditation but even in the situations that earlier have experienced as stressful. Instead of feeling fear, Sadness Or anxiety I am now more and more at peace in my everyday life and also, I am having more harmonioUS relationships. This new State of being has already started to impact my health positively.” (Woman 32, Finland)

  • Thank you heartedly for the possibility of taking part in MH. The feeling of love, unity, purity, gratitude, connection with God, the feeling of peace that accompanies me after this course is priceless and inexpressible. You have to experience it.

    With great gratitude, thank you , Basia (Grade 2)

  • Thank you from the bottom of my heart for this amazing time

    During this course I received much much more than I could imagine. I felt how great love is in my heart, and how much I can do with this love sharing it with others.

    I felt the Divine love, that is so merciful that it cannot be embraced with a mind. It is able to remove fear, doubt, uncertainty, giving peace, security and so subtle tenderness, hat my nervous system is unable to recognize it. This experience is totally out of the recognizable sensations.

    I have power, strength, faith, I feel the rightness of what I am doing, and no limits of what this grace can make happen. There are no impossible things.

    SAT NAM ! (Grade 2)

  • For the first time in my life, I was shared the knowledge that was to be felt by heart. The wisdom absorbed by the realm of love. The beat of our hearts, and the power of intention initiated he healing process, that started with ourselves.

    Experiencing the connection with the source, step by step, I have found right here in a beautiful place Hatu, the truth that has always been with me.

    Thank you for the hospitality, delicious meals, perfect atmosphere.

    Kasia Szymków (Grade 2)

  • This was a very beautiful experience. A meeting with the depth in myself and unity with others and everything.

    This was also an opportunity to feel deep inside and in oneness with others, this blessing of the Golden Chain.

    I am grateful to all that contributed to this encounter.

    And I am happy that I can carry this seed and light further to the whole WORLD.

    Let there be Love, Peace to all and everywhere.


“The most powerful language in the world is silence and that is the healer’s language”
– Yogi Bhajan